Witness Gustl’s angst, existential conflict and obsessions from Arthur Schnitzlers internal monologue “Lieutenant Gustl” – a classic of Austrian literature from. Lieutenant Gustl has ratings and 59 reviews. Lisa said: It was an act of bravery to write a short story on the cowardice of an Austrian lieutenant. LIEUTENANT GUSTL. By Arthur Schnitzler. Translated from the German by Richard L. Simon. 49 pages. Los Angelus: Sun and Moon Press,

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In response to an interviewer who asked Schnitzler what he thought about the critical view that his works all seemed to treat the same subjects, he replied, “I write of love and death.

At least I’ll write to Kopetzky. They have words and then the baker reaches out and takes hold of the hilt of Gustl’s sword.

The text is so short, only about forty pages. No, I can’t allow anybody to notice it. This is getting serious, Gustl! If Steffi belonged only to me, I would have her sell hats or something. Liuetenant let’s get into line. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here.

He’ll have to wait on other people today.



Did anyone really talk to me like that? Oh no, I don’t dare do that.

He shows so much of the petty side of his style life: But first he wanders through Vienna at night and ends up in the Prater. Just because Kopetzky gave me a ticket, and just because Steffi canceled her date- destiny hangs on things like that.

Lieutenant Gustl

With das virtuelle theater you can offer your pupils, apprentices and students a unique access to world literature, Austrian culture, history and identity. But that doesn’t count. Highly recommended for readers interested in psychology, modern narratives and Germanic literature.

Wonder if they’re all good girls, all hundred of them? I lieutwnant think properly. But this fellow next to me would probably kill me if I broke in on his reveries.

Yes, it ought liutenant be all right, fourteen days of country air and fourteen nights with Etelka or someone else. Unbelievable, the reasons people have for killing.

The colonel is always friendly-and I’ll say to him-Colonel, I wish to report, Sir. Mirovic told me he felt exactly the same way. I think I must have lost my senses. He was talking about the maneuvers; and it was only then that the lawyer joined us and said something or other I didn’t like- about playing at war- something like that-but I couldn’t say anything just then.


Al diablo con todo eso: I’ll never lie down in bed again. Ogni volta che leggo qualcosa di questo autore non posso che condividere pienamente questa affermazione!

As long as I lived I never saw a woman liwutenant the way she did. Out, out of here, I can’t stand it any more.

He’s bored and out of sorts and when leaving the concert he is rude to a baker in the cloakroom. Well, hard to imagine — — The SMS wasn’t anything important.

And now a boor comes along who has been a penpusher all his life and has the gall to make a fresh remark. That’d be a good one! The conflict leaves Gustl with no other choice but to kill himself. Two copies of the BILD newspaper.

Now he’s turning around. The officers’ corps of the Austro-Hungarian army felt insulted by the novella about a year-old lieutenant stationed in Vienna.

Just recently the lieutenant colonel said, “When we were down there in ’78, no one would have believed that they’d ever stoop to us the way they have.