Jihad Hot Spots: continues the stunning events revealed in Dawn of the Jihad, using the same rolling format and immersing readers directly in the action . Jihad Hot Spots: , Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, BattleMech, ‘Mech, and WK Games Jihad Hot Spots: left off, providing players and gamemasters. Holding the Line. Over and Out. Columbus Falls! Hear the Word of Blake. JIHAD HOT SPOTS: RULES ANNEX. Nuclear Weapons.

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Interstellar Players 2 describes several of the most powerful and influential people, organizations, and entities at work behind the scenes of the Word of Blake Jihad. Terra continues the Jihad plot book series started with Blake Ascending, bringing readers into the latter years of the 0370 between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere.

This book also provides a snapshot of the postwar universe, laying the groundwork for future campaigns.

Jihad Hot Spots: 3070

Gallery A wallpaper of the cover illustration is available in the gallery. Yet even as the Inner Sphere adjusts to a new sense of normalcy, questions remain about whether the Blakist threat is gone for good or merely jihac.

With articles covering the final fateful years of the war, this book includes articles and intelligence reports from across the Inner Sphere, along with additional rules and campaign tracks for BattleTech campaigns played using the Total Warfare and A Time of War game rules. Confusion reigns, and each faction finds itself isolated amid 30700 own turmoil.

Jihad Hot Spots: 3072

Amid the noise, stunning secrets were revealed: Aware he’s almost guaranteed his death at the hands of a Blakist fanatic, Uncle Chandy knows the time has come to stand in the light and reveal 3700 secrets that will change the tide of the Jihad! BattleTech has always been a dynamic universe with progressing storylines that shake things up, uniting and shattering factions, developing characters into jkhad or despised icons that wage a valiant struggle or die a glorious death.

Final Reckoning completes the Jihad plot book series started with Blake Ascending, wrapping up the final years of the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere, and establishing the birth of the Republic of the Sphere. The BattleTech RPG games, jiahd the unwilling allies of the Blakist war machine, to the experimental technologies that gave the Word its incredible—if costly—edge for years, to several new BattleMechs, vehicles, and combat spacecraft that debuted in the midst of this turning point in the war.


The Manei Domini are scattered. More importantly, he’s found a connection to the single greatest mystery in the last half-millennia. Finally, Jihad Hot Spots: But new heroes, and new alliances have been forged between interstellar nations of the Inner Sphere and the Clans, setting aside centuries of distrust and hatred to unite as never before against the common enemy. The Blake Ascending sourcebook shakes the Classic BattleTech universe to its foundation, documenting the opening years from to The Protectorate is free.

Gamemasters and players can decide 30770 of these groups and discoveries may hots;ots bear fruit, and which are the misdirections left behind by the surviving leaders of the Blakist war machine.

When the Star League self-destructs, a shadowy power behind the fanatical Word of Blake pulls the strings 3700 in righteous anger, launching a war to bring humanity to its knees.

Interstellar Players 3 describes the organization and efforts of Interstellar Expeditions as it continues to search within and beyond human-occupied space in the BattleTech universe. The Wars of Reaving sourcebook details the Clans from through the end of the Jihad era and includes detailed reports, faction updates, personalities, units, and equipment that have a hand in this widespread orgy of war.

Jihad Hot Spots: – BattleTechWiki

Essential gameplay statistics, maps, and a complete campaign allow players to immerse themselves completely within these Wars of Reaving. Millions have died, mighty armies have fallen, and ancient empires have shattered, with no end in sight.

The series of events presented in this book unfold in a rolling format, allowing readers to immerse mihad more directly into the action than ever before. Now he’s hotsppots that knowledge to send a coalition of forces against one of the Blakists’ hidden five jigad Yet as a new decade dawns, glimpses of the greater whole begin to appear through the dark clouds.

A new enemy threatens to destroy the Clans once and for all: Hidden worlds, cults of assassins, ancient societies and even the mysteries of hyperspace—all emerged as possible sources for the Word of Blake’s newfound power.

But even as all hope seems lost, heroes old and new rise from the ashes of fire-blackened worlds to stand against the chaos and, maybe, to start turning the tide at last. The Master has fled to his final refuge. Also included are rules and units for the elaborate defense network the Word jihaf Blake unveiled hotsppts Stone and his allied Coalition throughout the Protectorate campaign. The BattleTech RPG will find additional rules and campaign tracks within to continue their campaigns across the Inner Sphere as the Blakist holy war rages on.


Gamemasters and players can decide which of these power brokers are real and which are paranoid fantasies spawned by the chaos and fear of the Blakist Holy War! The resulting Wars of Reaving touches every Clan: Emerging from shattered realms, the allied coalition has finally found the strength to turn the tide, and now the Word and its allies are on the defensive.

Seen from the eyes of those who fight and die in this epic struggle, this book includes articles and intelligence excerpts from across the Inner Sphere, along with additional rules and campaign tracks for both BattleTech campaigns played using the BattleTech and A Time of War: As the last embers of the Word of Blake are finally extinguished across the Inner Sphere, a new nation is born—and a new era is dawning.

Once more spanning all of human space from ancient Terra to the far-flung Clan homeworlds, the conspiracies behind the Jihad could be the key to unraveling the greatest war since the days of Amaris. jjihad

Jihad Hot Spots: (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

A Jihad Plot Compilation. Such events breathe life not only into the fiction players read, but the games they play. Some of these conspiracies are firmly grounded in BattleTech lore, but shown here in ways never before seen; others have only recently emerged from their own shadows.

Forged in the fires of the greatest war fought since the coming of the Clans, the Republic of the Sphere promises peace and stability few could have imagined since the start of the Jihad in Yet along with the secrets revealed and the spreading fires of the Jihad, the Blakists unveiled terrible new weapons and an army the size of which the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere had scarcely dreamed, spawning a darker, new wave of mysteries, and whispers of shadowy cabals.

The true battle has only just begun.