Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index ยท Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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It was obvious that she was planning on getting what she wanted. What was written in that letter? And everybody else return to the living room. Then he got up and started waving and swearing. Him – because of the will.

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Take care of yourself. Do you promise to do everything exactly as I tell you? Would it be tactless if I pointed out this discrepancy? Maurice reappeared with a glass in his hand. The police inspectors conscientiously examined the whole house, studied the corpse, and interrogated cyingiz of those who were there at the house. Drongo opened the folded piece of abfullayev and read the letter. He has authored more than 86 works, including novels and short stories, which have been published in 16 languages in 23 countries including the countries of the Former Soviet Union, France, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Bulgaria.


And sent him out of the room. Her house is in Vhingiz. And only one last name. There’s almost no chance to solve this, but if we have any, we’ll have to chingi a kind of farce that our investigation depends on. A question, rightly formulated, is already half of the solution.

But later, he left again later,” said Maurice. Who owed money to Serge Polonski? On the right side, there’s a big living room.

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Visions are not my expertise, Madam Polonskaya. Drongo went over to the fireplace and chingjz down in one of the chairs. That was my son’s cross. Then he put the pen in his pocket.

The taxi came on time to pick him up. Igor shook his hand firmly. I can’t do wonders.

The police will be here in half an hour and then – that’s it. He only gave an unpleasant smile, revealing his yellowed teeth, to the proposal to call the Interpol or Commissar Dubois in Montpelier. Jigunov was shaking his head.


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His parents died in an accident in Avallon. He had a nervous breakdown after his parents’ death. The women remained in the living room.

Let’s get back to our problems. Maria is feeling bad,” he informed his mother-in-law shortly afterwards. True, once English papers had noted that, not bananas, but eggplants, grew in his small state but it didn’t make it less shameful or less painful.

We need to keep a gardener and workers to take care of the garden. Legivre thinks that Serge was killed? Are you detective, Mr.

And now you claim that he was killed. Doctor Abdullayev has published 8 research articles. But then there was silence.